Woz Talk

Steve Wozniak was at Cal yesterday. Here are some excerpts from Woz. Now you see the difference in career path between Jobs and Woz.

“If you are persuasive and likable, people will do a lot of things for you”

“It seems wrong to buy something for 6 cents and sell it to someone for $6. Shouldn’t you
tell them you bought it for 6 cents?”

“Getting a Job at HP working on Scientific calculator was like you loved Apple computers and found a job at Apple”

“It wasn’t software back then, it was hardware!”

” I hardly ever used it, I just wanted to create it” (on his rigged up Video Terminal form TV with Keyboard and modem)

“We were people like yourself, not money people or CEOs, we gave away our code”

“Sometimes we all have dreams that cost a lot of money. Stick with whatever money you have and do what you can.”

“We went to the venture capitalists but we could not speak like business people.”

” Why didn’t the HP spin me off? They couldn’t do my product, due to their corporate culture.”

“What would it take for a Robot to make a cup of coffee? That Robot has to live a long life to do these things”.

“After a while you get old and go into management”

“We did not realize the world was changing, the software was going to be more important”

” I can’t understand why you won’t let me put a ringtone in the iPhone”