Trying To Stand Out Among The Airlines

Jay Leno, in his monologue, scoffed at Airline unbundled pricing.

At the rate they are going, in an emergency they will ask us to swipe a credit card before the oxygen mask drops out. Oh listen to this, a SouthWest airline plane landed in Phoenix with one its wheels on fire. If they are going to bill us for every little thing under the sun, may be they should give us some discount, like when the plane is on fire.

Unfortunately for SouthWest, it is the only one not charging extras but it got the bad PR. In fact
SouthWest is aggressively going after the price unbundling by other airlines. All their messaging is now focused on “No fees”. But when every airline but SouthWest is charging extras, does it help to be the one who does not? There is a pubic tendency to look at the Airlines as a collective, so it is not a good strategy for SouthWest.