A Bottle of Ice Cold Coca Cola

I was reading a book on Coca Cola, “The Real Thing” by Constance Hays. I realized I have not had a Coca Cola, the real thing not the diet type, for as far as I can remember. As I read about the mystique surrounding the flavor, the stories Coke built behind the flavor, and the public outcry about the new Coke I felt something missing from the story without the experience of enjoying Coca Cola.

The story about the Coke bottle, the reason for creating something is recognizable as Coke even from its fragments shows the essence of branding and  capturing customer’s imagination.

I now have an uncontrollable desire to drink ice cold coke, not from fountain, not from a can, not from a plastic bottle but from the original thick bottomed glass bottle.  From the stories Hays tells us I feel there is something magical about this brand. Yes, it is sugar water and I would not want to drink one everyday, but I now have to taste it.

I have not had a Pepsi either for the same duration. I do want to try that as well and take the Pepsi challenge.