Changing Consumer Behavior: Heinz in India

Indians are used to ketchup that flows easily from the bottle. No tapping on the sides or the bottom of the bottle. The well known Indian ketchup brand is Maggi (now owned by Nestle). Its viscosity is very low and it almost pours out. Heinz ketchup is much thicker viscous than anything Indians are used to. Heinz could have changed their product to match the expectations, instead they decided to train the consumer, change their behavior to accept Heinz for what it is. Instead of masking the difference they showcase it, trying to get the consumer accept it. See the following Ads. (You may want to lower the volume)

The punch line is, “takes a while to come out”.

I wonder how they decided that reducing product variability in different markets is more important than meeting the consumer taste.

One thought on “Changing Consumer Behavior: Heinz in India

  1. I don’t share your fully understand your point of view on this. I don’t think Maggi is India’s most well known Tomato Ketchup. Rather than having a preferrence, India buys more on cost effectivenes. Its all about the money HONEY!!
    Yes, I would agree with you about the viscocity of Maggi being the most, but then I would deem that a negative quality. How many times has it happened to you that when you want just a little amount of ketchup on your samosa, then entire bottle seems to flow out when you turn it at a slight angle?? When you want just a small enough blob on your plate you get soo much more just coz you tilted the bottle too much!!!

    And yes, who is to say Indian tomato consumers do not want a change??? Its not just about the flow, its about the taste as well!


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