Knowing Your Target Segment

I was listening to Travis Smiley show on PRI. Mr.Smiley was interviewing Grammy winning singer Chrisette Michelle.  Mr.Smiely asked Ms.Michelle whether she would do a  gospel album. Her answer showed her clear understanding of her audience (target segment) and addressing new markets – something every marketer should know and practice.  Ms.Michelle’s said (annotations in parenthesis added by me)

It s my life dream to put out a gospel album (have a marketing vision). But I don’t want to do a gospel album just for people who already listen to gospel (recognize you cannot address all segments). I want to do a gospel album for people who might be new to gospel music (identify the segment you want to target). So I am waiting until there is a substantial number of people who are comfortable enough with me ( sell more to the customers you already serve and know the market window and the right time in the product lifecycle to introduce new version)

Another point she made earlier in the interview is about only producing music  that she strongly believes in and is her strength (core competence) and not chasing everything. She was not afraid of do-overs, sometimes producing three or four versions but keeping just one and throwing the rest away (be your own critic and not let your inferior works hit the market – protect your brand promise).

I have not listened to Ms.Michelle’s music and have not heard about her before I heard her interview, but hats-off to her for showing extraordinary marketing prowess.

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