Pricing the LED bulb

How much will customers want to pay for a light bulb that is

60W Incandescent Replacement Lamp

  • More than 90 lm/W
  • Less than 10 watts
  • More than 900 lumens
  • More than 25,000 hour life
  • More than 90 CRI
  • Between 2700–3000 K CCT

The incandescent bulb costs 42 cents when you buy in bulk and will last about an year
The LED will consume one sixth of the energy cost (value: $5/year), will last about 20 years (value: $8) for a total value of $108.
How much of this value can you expect to share?
What I wrote about CFL pricing applies here as well:

We have the tendency to underestimate future benefits and hence value it lower than the value of an option with near term benefits. We read news stories, we understand the benefits of CFL but when it comes to the moment of choice our value curves switch and we pick the incandescent bulb which is priced at $0.42 compared to $5.22 for a CFL. George Ainslie called this the hyperbolic discounting, the same concept that is used to explain addiction and temptation. In some sense we give in to the temptation of the present and forgo future benefits because of our ways of discounting the future.