Segmentation Based On Purchase Occasion

It is relatively easier to target segments that are static with time – by that I mean, customers will stay in their “assigned segment” if not for their lifetime but for a much longer period. The extreme example is gender as segmentation variable.  A marketer can target the resources accordingly and can measure its effectiveness. But how can a marketer target  customers when at any given time the customer could be in any one of the segments?

I think the Danish word for this is  -Vaelg!  The English word is Versions.

Here is what Scandinavian Airlines does to target its customers,

Sometimes you want comfort, sometimes you want lowest prices and sometimes both. Fly our Business, Economy or Economy Extra – whatever fits your needs best. By the way Vaelg means choose in English

Please Self-select yourself!
Please Self-select yourself!

One last point – notice how they do not show any price in these options. This is applying consumer behavior principle of getting customers to commit emotionally before they see the price. This is a pricing tactic that works well with the chosen pricing strategy.

All in all a very good execution by SAS.