Some Versioning and Pricing Recommendations for MindMeister

I have used MindMeister more in the last two years than I do now. It is a great tool, web based and easy to get started with brainstorming.   I think their versioning and pricing can be improved. Here are my  specific recommendations:

Versioning Recommendations:

  1. Do not use the label Premium version instead use Pro version, and rename Business version to Enterprise
  2. Introduce a Personal version (which I recommend should be exactly same as the current Premium version).
  3. Introduce a new “Pro” version which has the features of Personal plus  Backups, Embedding and  Reports & Statistics.
  4. Increase pricing for Enterprise edition and also consider charging a one time set-up fee (for enabling branding etc.)
  5. See: Science of Optimal Versioning in Saas4 costs of versioning, Make it very easy for your customers to choose your versions.

Pricing page Recommendations: (All changes need to be A/B tested)

  1. Replace “Find out more” button with a prominent “Sign up”  button – more direct call to action. They now have the Sign Up widget listed separately from the versions.
  2. Place the emphasis on the now renamed “Pro version” – use nudges like “Most Popular” to drive the adoption of this version.
  3. They use per month pricing for Business version and per year pricing for Premium version. I recommend sticking to per month pricing.
  4. Remove the prominent placement of “Basic Version” and instead add a link at the bottom “Not ready to commit – Get started with for Free with our version”.

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