Do you know your customer mix?

You run a cupcake business or a web startup, you have customers – do you know

  1. Profiles of those you give you their money?
  2. Types of customers that generate your sales?
  3. Types of customers that generate your profits?
  4. The touch points – how you can reach the different customers?
  5. Those you are relational and those who are transactional?

If you know these about your customers, you know your customer mix.

If you do not know your customer mix you are flying without a dashboard, not knowing which customers to keep and develop and which to fire.

I listened to last weekend’s This American Life’s story featuring a Chik-fil-a franchise owner from a Tennessee mall. Take a listen to this small business owner’s grasp of this key concept (start at 15 minute mark)

“50% of my business comes from people who work in the mall”

For a franchise owner with no control over the product or the messaging, she is focused on one aspect she can and must control for her business – customer mix.

Do you know your customer mix?

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