Butler’s Nored Gets Omitted Variable Bias

As of yesterday afternoon Ronald Nored from Butler scored less than 9 points in the NCAA tournament. He is not a starter, he comes of the bench as sixth player. Nored’s jersey number is 5.

Nored may not have impressive statistics but his jersey is not.  NPR asked Nored about this,

Mike Pesca: There are more number five jerseys in the student section than everyone else combined, which is kind of weird since you’re a sixth man. Why do you think that is?

Ronald Nored: I have no – that’s a great question. I have no idea. My guess is probably just because it’s a white jersey, and the white jersey looks good. I have no idea.

Mike Pesca: Yes, Nored says that the number five was available in white, and that’s the reason the students love him. You’d expect that kind of deflection from a guy who leads the team in steals per game.

Next time you read a management fad, expounded by a popular Guru, that attributes success of businesses to certain externally visible positive traits, think like Nored. What other common reason could be causing both the business success and the traits?