Let us get street education, who needs formal education …

There is considerable noise  being made to discourage kids from going to college, to be  “pirate”, to skip college education to start something or to follow their passion. The argument goes, “because people who started something big, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg did not need college degree”.

Reporters like Sarah Lacy, instead of taking a critical look at such discussions are joining in.

I believe most are aware of the meaningful counter argument made by Vivek Wadhwa and others. Instead of repeating that I will quote what Rev. Al Sharpton said in an interview with Stephen Colbert.

May be the reporters and the likes will see the cognitive biases in their case for asking kids to drop out of college.

The interview video link is here and it is unrelated to this noise about education bubble:

Colbert: You don’t have higher education. You got your education on the streets my friend, education in the church. Why can’t we give that to children and forget about the books?
Isn’t there sir, a tyranny in this country that everything gotta be out in a book? Why can’t we let these kids fly, be free?

Sharpton: (pointing at Colbert) See this is Exhibit A why we need education.
I know. I dropped out of college. I know myself everyday the regrets I have in not pursuing my degree.

Colbert: But you have done very well sir.

Sharpton: How many people that came out of the same neighborhood that I did, that had the same background I did was able to make without an education. Most of my friends ended up in jail or dead. I want to make sure that dosn’t happen to the next generation.

Rev. Al Sharpton gets selection bias and survivorship bias.

Do Peter Thiel and Sarah Lacy get  P(A|B) is not same as P(B|A)?

Do they know if tens of thousands of kids listen to them and skip college, how many will have a future like Gates, Jobs or Zuckerberg?