What pricing questions to ask and in what order?

Update: See results and discussion here.

Suppose you are working on pricing for a product. Be it your product or you are doing pricing for a client.

What questions will you ask and in what order?

You do start with questions, don’t you?

Let me give you a list of questions, could you tell me the order in which you go about answering them?

Order is important for two reasons. One, you only have limited time and you want to prioritize. Two, the order in which you answer may actually change your final answer.

Here is the link to the list of questions.

Fair warning, there are 15 of them.  It will take considerable time to read them, will tax your mind to internalize, evaluate and rank them.  Who said pricing is easy?

I understand if you do not want to click on the link or click and hit back button. Most do just that. May be you are not interested in asking hard questions for pricing.

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