Everyone is a Business Expert

If escape from the poverty of your own imagination is your reason for exploiting the stories history offers, or if you are taking refuge from another discipline in the belief that history is easy, without bothering to do the basic work, you will deserve to fail. –  FELIPE FERNÁNDEZ-ARMESTO writing on recent spate of poorly written history books

I considered writing a longer article on the many business experts,  the “lessons” they want to teach us from their everyday observations,  and their opinions on Netflix, HP, etc. But anything I add beyond this quote is redundant. Just substitute the word ‘history’ with ‘business strategy’ in the above quote.

Unfortunately, some of the new business writers, despite their lack of basic work won’t fail. Some will go on to become incredibly popular and will dictate social thought. The most popular ones will become role models for the next batch of business experts who go on to make their own astute observations about business from their trips to Justin Bieber concerts and farmer’s market or taking a taxi ride.

But that is not my concern, it should be your concern if you are adopting their ideas or hiring them.

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