Phrases I would like to see banished in 2012

Inspired by the story I heard on NPR about words and phrases that are banished (with no authority of course), I am presenting my list

  1. Ridiculous
  2. Fail, Epic Fail
  3. Intersection of x, y and z
  4. Correlation does not mean causation
  5. Interesting correlation
  6. Social media science/scientist
  7. Return on engagement
  8. Customer Experience/Nordstrom Experience
  9. Customers are having conversations about you
  10. Social business
  11. What can we learn from/ What can xyz teach us about business
  12. Infographic
  13. AB testing/Split testing
  14. Freemium startup
  15. Building a great product
  16. Astonish
  17. Delight
  18. Thanks for the RT/Mention
  19. Excellent read
  20. Dropping knowledge

Happy New Year


6 thoughts on “Phrases I would like to see banished in 2012

  1. I am with you. I was hoping we all would get this so no one has to repeat this again. My peeve is against those who say, “of course correlation doesn’t mean causation” and then go on to do draw generalized causation conclusions from what could easily be spurious correlations


  2. Completely disagree about “correlation does not mean causation”. That is something that people need continual reminders about. It is an eternal truth, and I will continue to use it.


  3. Dennis
    I remember reading that we first need to believe an idea is true to understand it. Your suggestion to ignore the infographic is an excellent decision, avoids accepting these as truth even momentarily.


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