From 1 to 600 articles in Four Years – A look back

I recently wrote my 600th post. So far I have written about  quarter of a million words. Did my writing change? Probably not. Most importantly did I maintain my intellectual honesty form the very first to the latest post? Take a look at the major milestone articles.

  1. The very first article: 2011 was the year of debt ceiling debates. Even yesterday the Republican debate featured voting record and hypothetical voting record on raising the debt ceiling. This is what I had to say in 2008.
    “The US economy by the recent estimate of GDP is $15 trillion. NPR reports on the recent move by Congress to raise the limit to $9 trillion. This is 60% of the GDP.  (China’s debt is 17%)
  2. 100th article: Corporate Social Responsibility is still the craze. We still see studies that say customers are willing to pay more for socially responsible brands. From what budget do businesses pay for their CSR initiatives? Here is what I wrote echoing Milton Friedman’s advice – Business of Business is Business.
  3. 200th article: Do we see virtue only in the presence of vice? Does our willingness to pay for virtue products go up when presented with vice products? You decide.
  4. 300th article: Do you make your kids run a lemonade stand? Or make your teenagers work the weekends? Do people who did not work when they were teenagers are at a disadvantage in their adult careers? Correlation Causation Confusion.
  5. 400th article: As a business, do you want to serve all customers, big or small?  Deliver the same great service to all? Delight all your customers regardless of the revenue they generate and the cost to serve? Here is a recommendation I made for a struggling backup business.
  6. 500th article: The first time I made any attempt to make this article special (by that I mean edited it more times). This is a guide for pricing Webapps. This is also the article that asks you to buy access to read. Which you can do here for 99 cents.
  7. 600th article: Do you Pin? Or is it Re-Pin? Do you think $200 million valuation for Pinterest is justified? Based on what revenue? What do you think Pinterest makes? If I were a betting man I would bet against the possibility that it makes more than $33 million – less than 1% chance Pinterest makes more than $33 million.

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  1. Rags, congrats on your milestone. I enjoy reading your posts (I especially like how concise they are, makes it easy to glance through and then think about without being tempted to skim like I do on longer articles). Keep up the commentary and insights!


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