Pricing Different Flavors and Colors

I have written about pricing different yogurt flavors and different frozen yogurt flavors. In both these instances the takeaway was not to price the products differently just based on their flavor.

But what about color of the product? Can you explain why the NikonS6300 cameras are priced differently at Amazon? The prices are the same at Target. Can this be applied to all cases – say would you price the jellybeans differently based on color?


If you know the answer write it on the back of brand new iPhone5 and send it to me.

If you are wondering about prices at Target- it is higher than what you would pay at Amazon. Even the red one that is cryptic about its price is priced at $179.99.


3 thoughts on “Pricing Different Flavors and Colors

  1. That is a good explanation. Or, Amazon with loads of data found demand for certain colors and trying minor tweakings to price.

    I guess I have to settle for answers sent from iPhone


  2. One possibility is inventory difference. Amazon may have higher inventory of black coolpix – thus it is cheapest, while not many blue ones. So, it is desperately trying to sell black and sliver ones to get rid of their inventory, but it is not so much concerned about selling blue one.
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  3. Write the answer on the back of iPhone5 and send it to u. 🙂 this is a great one! Thumps up.


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