Essential Companion Guide to Freemium Article

In my recent article in Gigaom I make a case for returning to the first principles of marketing.I could cover only limited number of points there. Here is an essential companion guide to that article, a list of articles on pricing strategy and freemium that I have been writing over the past three years. Or you can read my entire blog filled with articles on Evidence Based Management and Pricing Strategy.

  1. Approximate Guide to Pricing Webapps – It starts with segmentation
  2. Freemium Customer Lifecycle – 5 questions to ask before you launch your venture
  3. Variations of the World Famous Hershey’s Experiment – Are you betting your venture on one experiment?
  4. What do you charge for a service you just made up? Product may be new but what job is the customer hiring it for?
  5. Pricing Always Comes First – That is your fair share of value you create for your customers
  6. Opportunity Cost of $0 Price – What are you giving up by not charging for your value-add?
  7. Pricing Digital Goods – Hint: Not Free
  8. Three components of Effective Price Management
  9. Can you answer the “why” questions with your segmentation strategy?
  10. Last but not the least – Cloudy with a chance of Free business model