What is phone doing in smartphone

What job do we hire a phone for?

If it is talking and if we are using a smartphone for less and less of talking, should these even be labeled as phones?

If you take out the ‘phone’ part from the name, does it smash down the rules and expectations on the form-factor for a phone?

If it is a “revolutionary internet device” for consuming content and occupying time, why settle for smaller screen? As Kevin Tofel writes,

Why watch the content on a small, low-resolution screen when you can watch it on a high-definition screen that’s still easily portable?

Simply put, we can’t think about today’s constraint of needing to put a mobile device in a pocket. We only put phones in our pockets when we’re not using them. Guess what? We’re using them more and more, which means they’re in our pockets less and less.

That is right, we put phones in our pocket. What if it is not called a phone and there are no more phones?

Another factor that could hasten the transition is the service providers’ reliance on voice revenue. While it is great pricing scheme by service providers, some customers may start giving up their phone altogether for tablets or adopt a tablet plus dumb-phone for occasional phone function.

Add to that Apple’s rumored iPad mini. A mini tablet from Apple will likely hasten the move away from phone. Is the possible demise of iPhone (as we know it) the reason why Apple may introduce iPad mini?

Disclaimer: Any prediction about the future that is about specific solution is bound to be wrong. So this prediction is likely going to be wrong as well.