How do you think about pricing? Take the quiz now!

I am making available again the pricing questions list I published last year. These are twenty questions presented in no particular order. Except for two deliberate red-herring questions rest were carefully chosen based on pricing strategy practice. Your task is to rank order them in what you think is the best approach to pricing strategy.

Here is the link to the questions: Pricing Questions

Fair warning, there are 20 questions and rank ordering 20 takes considerable time  but in the end it helps you have a framework – even if it is not the most precise – to work with.

Last year several pricing practitioners and product  managers took the quiz and gave their ordering. Two distinct paths emerged based on their first question. So spend more time on your starting point, rest of the ordering will flow from it and easier on cognitive cost.

After you fill it out you will see again the list of questions for your review. If you want to capture the order you chose, please take a screenshot before you hit submit.