Taking on the small guys for their pricing?

Can you believe that drycleaner charging twice as much for a woman’s shirt as they do for men’s shirt?

Isn’t it atrocious that the local diner is charging $5 for eggs that cost them cents?

$10 for a balloon inside Magic Kingdom? What? (Note to Matt: No Matt you did not complain)

What $20 for the umbrella? How greedy can this street vendor get, gouging customers when it is raining? It’s a ripoff!

You probably made similar statements about different small-business. What am I saying, you don’t stiff the small businesses you only heard your friends make such statements.

What is the big deal here?

As long as one has options why should anyone complain about pricing? If one is complaining about pricing isn’t it likely one is not the customer the small business has in mind?

Why is the question, “are the umbrella prices a rip off?” vs. “What is the umbrella worth to me when caught in the rain?”

Granted the small business owner got her pricing wrong and most likely doing markup pricing with fixed cost allocation but that does not mean one can express outrage at the pricing.

Any price, however the business arrived at it, is not fleecing, rip-off, gouging or despicable. And it should not matter to a customer what it costs them to deliver the product, you pay for value. I wrote the same line for business owners – a business’ costs are just that, not something they can pass on to their customers. Same works here for customers.

So what they charge $5 for eggs they got for free? If the customers perceive value in consuming those at particular point in time and see that as better choice over all alternatives then it is fair pricing. If there is no value, you are not the target segment, so don’t blog about the atrocity.

If one insists on demanding fair pricing that is based on what it costs the business to make one should pick on the big guys who are writing the book on profit maximization, not the small business owners.

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