My Predictions Most won’t Like

I wrote this in 2010 in Posterous blog I had. Since then Posterous has gone down but I want to make sure the record of my predictions are available for you all to see.  Here they are from July 2010

Five years from now:

  1. Despite practicing the current entrepreneurial methods like Lean Startup, Customer Development, Pivot, MVP etc the success rate for start-ups will not budge from its current 10-15% level.

  2. The very ideas listed above will cease to be current and will be replaced by new names that have the same meaning.

  3. With these new ideas, new messiahs will emerge basing their advice on revelations of different kind.

  4. The search for “N things to improve”, “m signs of successul ventures”  etc. will continue.

  5. MBAs will continued to be blamed for many venture failures.