So you want to rent in the San Francisco Bay Area

What is it like to rent in San Francisco Bay Area? What is the distribution of places to rent at different price points?

I did a very painful, manual and non-rigorous data collection by searching Craigslist several times with different rent ranges. Here is how the rent scene looks like, in several charts.

Overall Distribution


Let us look at this in three parts. First the reasonably affordable part – with maximum rent of $4000.


That is about 92% of listings are in this range.

Let us look at $4000 to $10,000 range. I do not know if one family would pay such rent or if this shared places – many Googlers, facebookers, …, sharing one big place and can individually afford $2000 for a room in a big place.


And now for $10,000+ rent category.

What looked like a typical right tail isn’t when you closely look at it, many listings in the $4000+ category.


What other things we can say here?

Median rent is $2100. What you can afford for such prices is something you need to dig into listings and find out.

Top 10% can afford $4000+ rent.

Top 1% can afford $8800+.

Welcome to the Remarkable Town!