More than the iOS is seeing flattening – MacBook Pricing

Last time I showed you the simplification of MaBook Air pricing. From an elaborate and complex model it was flatten to a simpler model that reduces cognitive cost to customer.

See  “Before flattening” pricing

See “After Flattening” pricing

That time I predicted a similar price simplification for MacBook Pro. Take a look at the “Before” pricing for MacBook Pro

Too many options, the non-retina version was still alive with HDD drives. Add to this 13″ models. So my prediction then was a simpler pricing model (below)

That is I predicted the end-of-life of non-retina and spinning hard drives. The reality is not that far off.  The non-retina HDD is no more an option for 15″ but lives on for some strange reason for 13″. The prices have gone down by $200 and there is a 128GB model for 13″.  Not as flat as I thought it would be but getting there.

What do you think?