Catching Fire Lessons are Real for Some

I should not be surprised and in fact I am not. I am however dismayed to see we still live in a world where everyone wants to teach entrepreneurs and businesses something or other from movies to sporting events. When I wrote the parody on “lessons learned” from Catching Fire, I was hoping it would stop others from creating such content. But that was a mere wishful thinking. Lo and behold we have from none other than Forbes (like the lessons learned from Superman movie)  branding lessons from Catching Fire.

There is no wink or nudge. No hope of author laughing out loud at the end, letting you in on the joke. This is all serious and real.

I want to show you my tongue in cheek lessons and what Forbes calls out as serious lessons.

Mine (fake lessons ):

  1. Always be lean and hungry
  2. Trust in your team
  3. It’s not what you say, it’s all action
  4. Everything happens in a predictable way, like clockwork
  5. Ideas are worth nothing, action is everything

Now the really serious branding lessons from Forbes,

  1. Avoid doing what you have done before
  2. Build a band of brand advocates
  3. Get support
  4. Fight against status quo
  5. (conveniently in second page for more Ad impression)  Don’t lose focus

If you accept any of these five as valid lessons Catching Fire movie teaches, you must also accept the five fake lessons I list. By extension any number of lessons on anything else anyone says it teaches.  That simply means the movie is not teaching anything, it is all in the minds of blogger trying to beat a deadline.

Think about it. If every movie (event, sports, farmers market etc.) can teach hundreds of lessons and there are hundreds of movies, events sports, when will we ever get time to do the work of creating a product and serving our customer needs?

Don’t encourage the nonsense, please.