Version Design – How to keep customers from being tempted by your lowest priced version?

Here is what a cleaning service offered me as my options

  1. Weekly cleaning schedule at fixed time at my convenience,  $60/per visit
  2. Biweekly cleaning schedule at fixed time from available choice of time slots, $90/per visit
  3. Monthly cleaning schedule, no fixed time, will call days before to set day and time, $130/ per visit

I am not going to reach to big conclusion here on carefully designed price discrimination and versioning design that we all can learn from. It could be that case but it is more likely done due to some operational constraints.

But the bigger point is, if you offer multiple versions of your product you need to understand first what your different customers value and setting a price based on this value distribution. Value to customers comes not just from the product but from many related factors like easy of buying, convenience, ease of consumption etc.

It may very well be the same product but you sure can offer multiple versions based on these other dimensions.

Now if only the dry-cleaners switch from price discriminating on gender to offering versions based on convenience, time to clean and pickup options.