Black Friday Deal Going The Other Way with HSN

Take a look at this limited time offer from, by the time you read this it is highly likely the offer time has run out and you have lost the opportunity to pay $300 more for 16GB Wifi iPad Air you can buy for $499 everywhere else.


The difference is, it is a bundle – addition of bluetooth keyboard case, car charger, stylus pens – that is a bundle of items that Apple itself believes you do not need. However you do the list price math on these additions, which are absolutely not necessary to use iPad or value that is anywhere close to additional $300, it is hard to reach $899 list price or even the HSN special price of $799.

Pricing starts with customer segmentation, I guess HSN is targeting a segment that lacks information or refuses to get additional information.

I guess you could say the same about Apple asking $100 more GB that costs them less than $6 and about Apple fans refusing to seek information.

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