I seem to have correctly predicted iPhone in 2005

This is from those days when I had just discovered blogging and Blogger platform. I somehow seem to have not only predicted iPhone but also described fairly precisely what it will do (all but the 3G function, so more like the iPod Touch). Warning, I seem to have done even less editing than present days.

So what do you think Apple will be coming up with? I think the clues are already out there. See the Dashboard, new application or should I say application framework in the next OS X release Tiger. The OS provides the framework and lets anyone write tiny applications that do one thing. Say for example getting weather report, stock price, quick iTunes control etc.

What is neat about this? The applications or as Apple calls them Widgets are quick to launch, do what they are expected to do really quickly and go away. These widgets are done in html and javascript which only do simple operations. The heavy pulling is done by the Dashboard server.

So what do you think is possible with this?
May be a handheld device that has the Dashboard Server as the application framework with really small OS X kernel? You get WIFI/WiMax for wireless connectivity, headphone jack, microphone jack, a nice screen, a 1GB flash or a 4GB harddrive. You can use this as a general purpose device for any number of simultaneous uses

— use it as iPod
— view photos, send photos. may be a built in camera but Apple is not bound to do this.
— email access
not full web access, but access to many of useful things on the road like yellow pages, directions, weather, NFL/NBA/MLB scores all done through widgets
— a calendar and todo list. of course. but they may ask you to store the calendar in .mac web site and
provide a widget to do the view/edit/adds. so automatic sync.
— The BIGGEST of all uses, as a VOIP phone. Yes this is going to be the biggest application. Apple will not go with any of the existing Cellular standards CDMA, EV-DO or GSM. They will either make it WiFi or WiMax.

What will they call it? It has to be in the iPod genre. So may be iPod Max? iMax? i*?

So price? they will introduce a model which is same price as current iPod photo.