That is some messed up data

This is a guest post by Robert Moss. Robert is a freelance copywriter who writes traditional and non-traditional advertising for both consumer and business to business brands. Robert has an impressive portfolio and customers. Robert tweets at @Moss_Robert. Robert suggested a  more colorful title to match his topic but I had to use “messed” instead of his suggestion.

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According to Marchex, a mobile advertising company, people in Ohio swear more than any other state. Marchex analyzed data from more than 600,000 phone calls placed to customer service centers and businesses in 30 industries. The calls were to cable and satellite companies, auto dealerships, pest control centers and others.

Who doesn’t hate their cable company? In addition to Comcast and Time Warner, Ohio appears to have at least 12 more local and regional cable companies to hate in addition to the major cable companies. Auto dealerships are local, and pest control centers can be national, local or anything in between.

So does Marchex’s study reveal which state has the most potty mouths? Or does it reveal which state has the worst customer service when it comes to cable companies, auto dealerships, pest control centers and other companies? Who knows? There may be other factors that make life miserable for Ohioans and cursing may be a symptom of that misery and not an end in itself. Poor nutrition, bed bugs and one of the worst states to grow old may explain Ohio’s high level of cursing. Of course while correlation may not equal causation, Marchex’s study provides more questions than answers.

What all this does seem to reveal is that Marchex came up with a study that generates lots of press about their company. If that was what they intended to measure, then they succeeded.

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