Awesome and Awesomer

This is a guest post by Joe Senft. Joe is a marketing consultant based in New York with both US and EU experience. Joe tweets at @jsenft. His work includes brand and sales planning for established and startup businesses.

You should be hitting send on your guest post now. 100 words is all it takes.

There’s a hilarious Internet meme made from a parade of adjectives.  With equal measure of adoration and exasperation, we’re told that this is the “reality distortion field” of Apple founder Steve Jobs


It’s a notable contrast to an earlier founder, Thomas Edison, who said that he hoped to produce “inventions useful in various arts.”  Useful.  Imagine that.  Or consider how people in other countries choose words and share ideas today.

When we make the effort to articulate our thoughts – rather than carpet bombing with adjectives – we reduce the likelihood of that obstacle course known as “I’m not sure what success looks like, but I’ll know it when I see it.”  And that’s awesome.