Understanding the buying scenario

This is a guest post by Noah Farb. He runs hrvst3D, which sells 3D-printed jewelry and accessories in the San Francisco Bay Area. His background is in distressed real estate acquisition, and coaching tennis. Noah resides in Berkeley, Ca. He tweets at @nfarb.

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I recently launched a business that designs three-dimensional models of Bay Area landmarks and sells them as jewelry and accessories. They are designed using CAD software and made using 3D-printing technology. We sell mostly through design-oriented retailers.

Within a month of showing our product to customers we made an observation that shaped our product positioning since. The insight was that most of our sales were impulse buys, purchased in addition to another item.

We adjusted the pricing to make customers comfortable adding to another purchase, and we encourage our retailers to display our line by the register so it is seen at check out.

Simple insight. Big impact.