Conscious Coffee

This is a guest post by Andi Debel, founder of socially conscious coffee company.

I am starting a socially conscious coffee company named – Conscious Coffee. We deliver fair trade certified coffee directly from the farmer to companies and consumers.
We buy the coffee exclusively from Unions for Cooperatives in Ethiopia. Because we have found that this is where it is necessary to support the coffee growers.
They used to get prices down to 0.5 cent per pound of coffee cherries. Now they get several 1000% more, and are able to develop their lives, build new houses and put
their kids to school (schools build by the Coffee Unions). Our target are the 50% of all consumers that according to Andersen institute are socially conscious, and are
willing to pay more for those products. We are able to charge a regular coffee price for world class coffee, and pay a price thats 250% higher than the fair trade minimum.
securing that more social projects can be started in Ethiopia.