The YO Moments in Your Business

This is a guest post by Kirk Wagner. He is a growing business owner. He tweets at @kwagnerimt.

You want to grow your business.  Your potential investor says “Yes” sounds great but “nO” it’s too risky.

Sales are down.  Yes!  An opportunity to engage your boss on your customer jobs to be done analysis. Your boss’s answer: a 5 year sales projection STAT.  nO!

Yes!  You have a customer that says your product solves their problems.  But then says it costs too much. nO!
Welcome to the YO moments in your business.

A YO is modernity’s answer to opacity and zero failure attitudes. YO’s sound wise but ultimately they are dangerous because like invisible tentacles YO’s strangle an important business process; namely iterative learning thru small failures.

Whether you are using wisdom from a trusted advisor, data driven decisions, or just your instincts train yourself, your team, to identify and dislike YO’s. Then get past them.

#YO if you recognize a YO moment in your business.