Should women pay more for haircut?

I saw this news from more than an year ago. Danish authorities were running around with their hair on fire because of the practice of their country’s salons to charge more for women’s haircuts.

Should women pay more for haircuts just because of gender? Absolutely not.

But there is another reason why this is wrong for business, they are missing out on the chance to charge same higher prices to men.
People who argue for higher prices for women base it on time it takes and the opportunity cost as the news item does,

“We have different prices for men and women because it takes much longer to cut and style the longer hair that most women wear,” he told ABC News.

Nonsense. Your costs are just that, your costs. If you cannot deliver the product at costs that deliver you profits that is your problem.

Instead of digging in and fighting this equality law salons should seize the opportunity. Why miss out on charging same higher prices for some men willing to pay those prices?

The solution is in offering choices ( product versions ) at multiple price points and letting customer self select. Design the versions and brand them such that women are not tempted by basic cheap version that is attractive to men.
So all options are available to both and there is true equality. And an opportunity to drive better price realization.
When you think from your costs perspective you lose sight of why your customer hire your product .

What do you charge your different customers ?