What can businesses learn from

This Monday you will read at least one article of this mold. A Google search will yield you at least dozens of them. From popular management/business/startup gurus to anyone who knows how to open a WordPress blog many will feel compelled to educate us masses about lessons that are hitherto unknown, came into existence only after the final whistle is blown in the World Cup finals and visible only to these writers who find it in their grace to share that knowledge with us.

The articles will no doubt be very nicely written, like a listicle. Key lessons called out and some supporting text to go with it. If you do not feel our collective intelligence is not insulted by that drivel you will share that article around. I bet the articles are being written if not already written. When the final score comes through one only needs to hit Publish on one of the two.

Say if Germany wins,

What can businesses learn from Germany’s World Cup victory?

Attack – Don’t wait for opportunity to come to you.

Plan-B – Always have a Plan-B when attack does not work.

Teamwork – They know what teamwork is. All around best teamwork, no individual star.

Hustle – Show mental toughness, tactical prowess, always be moving.

Plan for long term – This is the team that knows all 90+ minutes matter.

Rockstars don’t matter – Messi was a non factor because Argentina lacked teamwork …

On the other hand if Argentina wins,

What can Argentina’s World Cup win teach us about business?

Small team of A+ players can run circles around large team of B, C players – The problem with Germany’s team was there was no single A+ player. They all played good but none rose up to levels of Messi or Higuain.

Don’t rest on your half-time laurels – The problem with Germany was their big win against Brazil.

Teamwork– Messi was superstar yet every time he was cornered no one was better than Messi in passing the ball to his teammate.

Be Hungry – German uniform has three shades of red for their three past victories. They were not hungry any more.

Which ever way it goes we will know what we will see.

Can you look past these drivel come Monday morning?