Pascal’s Wager on Leadership Advice

leadership1Just do a search in Amazon for, “Leadership lessons from“, you will get no less than 3653 books. You are taught lessons from Pope Francis to Attila the Hun. From superstar CEO to UPS truck driver. From Captain America to Captain Picard. Even if you read one per day, you will spend the next 10 years reading, let alone comparing, learning, internalizing or practicing.

Do you fear missing out? Do you worry about not being the state of the art Category 5 leader? Or may be you don’t, after all reading the one book on a super star CEO was enough for you to become the transformational leader.

The better option is to ignore them, all of them. And here is a simple case I make why it is the dominant strategy for you, using what my favorite mathematician Pascal devised – Pascal’s Wager, or shall we say Pascal’s 2X2 in the management consulting speak?


The dominant strategy is clearly to ignore them.