Can I Make Book Recommendations?

books-xxlMaking book recommendations is hard for me. Specifically recommendations for non-fiction books on Management, Leadership, Strategy or Marketing. And you should treat recommendations for must read books with enough skepticism. We do not know if the recommenders have actually read the books let alone read a larger list to have enough information to pick out these recommendations.  We should also question whether the recommendation is sincerely about informing us or social signaling by the recommender.

Patrick Vlaskovits, a startup mentor, stated a real problem with all recommendations,

Is it likely I recommended a book because I saw it on shelf at Airport bookstore?

It is implied the recommender agrees with the thesis put forth in the books. Given that most books present us with observational theses as proven methods it is likely the recommender did not call into question a book’s methods or its thesis.

Even if we check off all these points how can we be certain that these books are relevant to us?

All that said now I am making my recommendations. The are books I have read but I cannot say if I have made fair comparison by reading every other book in the category. For what it is worth here is the list.Untitled design-3

  1. Thinking, Fast and Slow
  2. Power
  3. Soap Opera
  4. The Art and Science of Negotiation
  5. How to Measure Anything
  6. Everything is Obvious