Veggie Burger Marketing

VeggieBurger-2How do you make and market veggie burgers? If you follow the  recipe (pun intended) of current players in the market, you will

  1. Try to make it taste as close to meat burger as possible – like Diet soda marketing
  2. You target the entire market without segmentation
  3. You position it as healthy alternative to meat
  4. You constantly overhaul and change the product to break the bad rep of how flavorless it tastes now

You leverage your product R&D, core competence and marketing machinery to sell as many veggie burgers as possible to as many customers as possible.

What is missing is the failure to ask,

  1.  Who are the customers?
  2. What are the different contexts?
  3. What job do these customers hire a veggie burger for under different contexts?
  4. Which of these customer segments you want to target and which job-to-done do you want to position the product for?
  5. What is the best product that serves that job-to-be-done?

When you fail to ask these basic questions you focus on your technology to make plant protein taste like meat. You take pride in that prowess and lose sight of customer job to be done. Having mastered the technology you fail to think why that would be important to a customer who has never tasted meat in their life.

That is Veggie Burger Marketing – Taking technology expertise and ramming it through the market regardless of customer needs. You see veggie burger marketing everywhere from enterprise software to SurfaceBook. Products filled with features whether or not they are relevant to us. Products built to maximize market reach.

What if you adopted an outside-in perspective? Will we have sawdust burgers, clunky enterprise software, complex storage systems, and million varieties of Febreze?

One thought on “Veggie Burger Marketing

  1. This is how Amy’s Kitchen markets a burger.

    Lifestyle and story first…

    “Our family lives in Sonoma County, CA. Amy was born here and Amy’s Kitchen began here. So it’s fitting that we name our latest very special Veggie Burger after our hometown. Made with organic vegetables, mushrooms and quinoa, an ancient protein-rich grain. The new Sonoma Burger is free from dairy, gluten and soy, and is so full of flavor. You’ll love its light, fresh taste.”


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