Gas Station owners are not raking in the dollars

Sometime back I wrote about the gas prices and the gas station owners. From a simple math I did, I computed a margin of less than 5 cents a gallon that cost $3.50. If the customer paid in cash, the gas station earned additional 7 cents per gallon.

The Marketplace reports that the situation just got worse for gas station owners with gas now selling for $4.50-$5.00 a gallon.   The credit card charges are set at a fixed percentage of 2% on the transaction but the gas station owners do not mark up gas at a fixed percentage. The retail price is marked up by a fixed dollar amount, 10-12 cents. With gas price at $4.50, the credit card charges come to 9 cents, for a meagre profit of 2 cents per gallon.

It is a tough business to be in.