My first book: To Group Coupon Or Not

You have seen my posts on Groupon and the hidden costs of doing a promotion that gives away 50% off to acquire new customers. I have written a eBook, To Group Coupon or not, to help Small Business owners understand the math and metrics of such a deal. The book link is

The book received great reviews from two established Pricing experts, Mr. Reed Holden, Author of Pricing With Confidence and Mr. Ronald Baker, Author of Pricing With Purpose.

I understand you read my blog for Marketing, Analytics and Pricing and you most likely are not a small business owner. It is still a great read if you want to understand the hidden costs of any promotion and how and when to add a new sales channel.

I would appreciate if you  can give it a plug – write about it in your blog, tweet the book link and tell your business owner friends about it.