Most people talk in absolutes, extrapolate from one incident based on their selective memory of that incident and jump to general and sweeping conclusions that leaves no room for alternative explanations. If at all they attempt to use any data, it is based on availability  (what is easier to get) and selective (only data that supports their foregone conclusions and preset notions. Behind every general theory you can bet there is just one data point that the proponent was able to recollect.

The other day I was talking to a professional connection over lunch. She is someone who had worked for a long time in one major valley company before switching recently to another valley company. She said, her previous company is unquestionably the best to work for and she was kicking herself for leaving it. According to her everyone who left that employer to work for other brand name valley companies were returning to the mother ship in droves. I would have grilled her on numbers and how she could tell “the best” when she had worked in just 2 places and whether her comfort factor is coloring her opinion, but I did not.

Clearly this goes on to prove my point, right?