How well will you do as a VC?

A few months back I gave you a quiz, asking you to imagine yourself as a VC and make investment decisions.  Here are the four metrics one VC firm used to rate the startups that pitch to them for funding.


I took a random sample of 10 from their large data set and presented it as a quiz, asking you to use their metrics and make a call whether or not the startup got funding.

About 250 people took the quiz and and I finally had a chance to look at the results. Here is how the score distribution (on a 100 point scale) looks like


No surprise here to find a Normal curve. But a closer look will reveal a longer left tail. But do not despair if you scored lower score. That does not mean anything about your performance as VC but only an indication of how close do you think to a particular VC firm’s thesis. You must keep in mind that  I gave you the four metrics one VC used , gave their respective ratings and asked you to say whether or not the startup got funding.

Who says those are the four right metrics? Or the ratings are correct? Or their method is right?

Stay tuned for results on which one of the four factors most thought would be the reason to fund that startup.