Study Shows – Exceptional Blog Post Titles Get Better Results

Seriously, you did not believe the title did you?

I saw some advice in an article from Unbounce on blog post titles

How To Write Attention Grabbing Blog Post Titles – With Examples

I changed the line from the article to come up with my title for this post. The original text says,

Exceptional titles have better results. More importantly, some titles are so intriguing that readers may share them with their networks, without actually reading the article themselves.

But what is exceptional? If by exceptional they mean articles that get most results then isn’t this a circular definition? (Like Remarkable)

I remember the attention lavished on blog post titles when the New York Times story on Target store’s Big Data analytics came out. Within a day, a Forbes blogger, who did not do the same research the Times reporter did, simply wrote a regurgitation post with a title,

How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did

compared to the Times title of

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

It appears Forbes got lot more Likes and RTs simply because of its title.

So I decided to apply the tips from many such blog post title gurus to give alternative titles to some of my past posts. If these still are not catchy, I surely learned nothing from all these readings on better titles. Here it goes

  1. Top 5 Pricing Secrets of Successful Startups (old: An Approximate Guide to Pricing Your Webapps)
  2. Revealed: Why Groupon is bad for your business? (old: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Choosing GroupOn)
  3. You will not believe the amount of cash in Brad Pitt’s wallet (old: Estimate the amount of cash in Brad Pitt’s wallet)
  4. Revealed: How Frozen Yogurt stores over-charge you and make you fat? (old: Self Serve and Price Realization)
  5. What your startup can learn from this brothel? (I’ll leave out the original title)

Remember exceptional titles get better results than those that didn’t.