Plan B? I don’t have any Plan B! You better swerve!

Trillion Dollar Platinum coin (however ridiculous it sounded)? Rejected as a plan under consideration.

Plan to selectively pay certain bills? No way, not easy to prioritize and cherry pick  bills to pay (besides the computer systems are not set up to do this).

Negotiate? Nope,

He wasn’t willing to let congressional Republicans use the debt limit as leverage in negotiations over spending cuts.

It will hurt the economy

All these meaning? Plan B? The president has clearly stated, “I don’t have any Plan B”.  And to the congress that is playing a game of chicken he has essentially ripped out his car’s steering wheel and tossed it out the window for them to see.

That is another powerful tactic in negotiation, convincing the opponents that you are willing to take a hit and don’t even have the option to swerve.

What’s the next move from the congress going to be?