If Apple is going after customer’s wallet, it is your competition

iPod Shuffle for  junior:                                         $49
iPod nano for the runs:                                          $149
iPod Touch for mom so we can FaceTime:         $229
iPhone 4, of course to FaceTime with mom:      $199
iPad for  spouse:                                                      $499
Apple TV, something for the family:                    $99
Games, Music, Rentals:                                          $56

Total:                                                                         $1280

Money left for buying $139 Kindle?                    $0

Sometime back, Mr.Bezos said in a NYTimes interview that iPad is not a competitor for Kindle. May be iPad is not a direct competitor, but with a portfolio of products aimed at complete share of a customer’s  wallet (besides food and essentials), Apple is everyone’s competitor – be it Amazon, Apparel makers or vacation resorts.

The key is in asking what job is a customer employing Apple products for (hint: not the ones I listed above).  We better ask now because Apple seems to know the answer!