Quote of the Century On Running a Business

This is from a column in The Wall Street Journal,

Another way for Apple to boost market share would be to just cut prices, as Slate’s Matt Yglesias has suggested. This would effectively return Apple’s cash to its customers rather than shareholders. But shareholders ought to rejoice at that prospect. In the long run, it’s better for Apple to curry favor with customers over investors. See all that cash? It comes from customers.

I think the absurdity of the quote speaks for itself without need for any embellishment.

Also from the same article, a quote of the century finalist

these plans would eat into Apple’s margins, and investors hate when that happens. True, but they would drive sales and improve Apple’s market share, which would be a boon to Apple’s future earnings, especially if you believe that its low smartphone market share leaves it vulnerable to Google.

Sometimes we all …

Sometimes we all have dreams that cost a lot of money. Stick with whatever money you have and do what you can

Steve Wozniac at an event at Haas School of Business, Cal Berkeley, circa 2008 https://iterativepath.wordpress.com/2008/04/23/woz-talk/

When Customers Come Calling

Not all of us get 3000 customers come calling (may be they do and we do not recognize it).

Domenico Martini is a truck driver in Italy, he used to deliver food for supermarkets when new customers came calling – about 3000 of them:

Each with a set of special requests

  1. Many wanted a discount on what traditional couriers charged;
  2. Others wanted meals to arrive in time for lunch.
  3. Some have asked him to linger at the delivery site to gather intelligence on their children’s new lives.
  4. Others demanded his cellphone number.

Listening to the different needs enabled Martino  to design and deliver them a solution at a price they are willing to pay.