Rags Srinivasan is a management professional with extensive experience in Product Strategy, Strategic Marketing and Pricing. He is widely quoted in the media for his works on unbundled pricing and  expertise in strategic marketing. He is also an author and has served on marketing boards of non-profits.

He started his career developing 3G mobile communication products.  Soon he found his true-calling to be on the business side, enabling sales team, being closer to customers and generating revenue. He made the switch by getting MBA from Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

Since then Rags has been working on high-impact projects on customer research, product strategy and pricing.   Rags has worked on a wide spectrum of business problems from setting pricing for a service that helps with speaking English to setting packaging and pricing strategy for multi-million dollar enterprise software.

Rags practices evidence based management – using data, analytics and experimentation to drive business decisions. This blog is a way to share that passion for evidence based management across a variety of business topics.

Talk to Rags if you need help with

  1. Customer Segments and Preferences
  2. Product Strategy – What features to offer and how many versions?
  3. How to price the product?
  4. Go to market strategy
  5. Whether or not you should make certain investments

Customer Comments

“Rags Srinivasan was instrumental in helping our school understand our value proposition to different parent groups. He backed his recommendations with rigorous marketing research and analysis. We very much appreciate Rags’ professionalism and energy in ensuring this project was success for the school.” – Jennifer Kirk, The Berkeley School

“Rags Srinivasan helped me leverage our current customer base for email marketing and gain insight about our new product” – Antonia Johnson, Clear Talk Mastery

“You may think you have a pricing problem but Rags helps you understand that it is really a segmentation problem. He makes sure he understands your customers and overall market dynamics before he makes any recommendations. And his recommendations are excellent.” – Hubert Palan, Product Manager, GoodData

Areas of Specialization

I work with businesses in the areas of:

  1. Product Strategy: What job is your customer hiring the product for?
  2. Versioning Strategy: If one price is good, two are better!
  3. Pricing Strategy: Effective pricing for profit maximization.
  4. Customer Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  5. Marketing Research – Focus groups, Surveys
  6. Advanced Analytics – Conjoint, Factor and Regression analysis

Disclaimer: This blog is my analysis of marketing and pricing strategies, consumer behavior, economics and other topics. This does not represent opinions of my employers or anyone else.

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  1. Hi Rags

    Thank you so much for writing on “How much does Pinterest actually make?”
    It’s a very interesting and insightful article.

    Will be looking forward to more of your writing 😀



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