LeanStartupTDBI have written over 950 articles in the past eight years. I have shared in these articles my experiences on creating new categories, sizing markets, building disruptive products, designing the right number of versions and setting their pricing.

I am listing here selected articles that I believe are high impact and relevant to your startup or startup within enterprise.

  1. Where do you start when you build a product?
  2.  Who is the customer?
  3. Customer Job To Be Done: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  4. Understanding Alternatives Available to Customers
  5. Market Sizing by a Startup
  6. Minimum Viable Product: Make Stuff Up for Right Reasons
  7. Minimum Viable Product – The Right Metrics
  8. Minimum Viable Product – Testing Multiple Versions
  9. Minimum Viable Versioning – How many versions do you offer?
  10. Marketing and Need Creation
  11. Your Business can’t Escape Disruption
  12. MVP – How much should you focus on quality?