“Rags Srinivasan is one of the more insightful bloggers.  He backs his statements up with solid research and insight” – Reed Holden, Author of Pricing with Confidence

“If you’re having a party and want to encourage safe driving — or just save on liquor — use tall, narrow glasses. Your guests, or the bartender, will pour less and think it’s more. This result is relevant to the psychology of price, contends marketing consultant Rags Srinivasan in his blog, Iterative Path” – William Poundstone, Author of Priceless:The Myth of Fair Value

“When a company needs to boost its bottom line, it often uses what pricing expert Rags Srinivasan calls price realization through creative packaging. In other words, it unveils a ‘New Look!’ to disguise the fact that you’re about to pay the old price for less product.” – Dayana Yochim, Author of Motley Fool’s Guide to Couples and Cash and Motley Fool regular

“While the leading CPG brands are reporting increase in profits from price increases, the retailers are not happy with the price increase. Safeway is asking the brands to rollback their prices and is using their private label leverage” – Deloitte CPG Pricing, Profitability and Trade Investment, June 2010
“[according] to Rags Srinivasan, marketing expert and author of To Coupon or Not Group, if Lululemon’s marketing strategy has worked so well it is because of its segmentation and targeting making the right choices”  – L’Express du Pacifique (Vancouver biweekly)