Seven Deadly #PowerPoint Sins

Here are what I consider to be the most annoying mistakes I have seen in PowerPoint presentations.

  1. Showing a slide filled with words – like word vomit, then half-apologize for that by saying, “I am not going to speak to all the points in this slide”.Slide1
  2. A close cousin of Sin#1, asking audience to read through the word vomit. Slide2
  3. Adding a random picture haphazardly in the name of visual presentation.Slide3
  4. Rushing through the presentation to make every point the presenter already decided to make regardless of relevance to the audience.Slide4
  5. Showing a perfectly crafted eye-candy slide deck, impressing the audience with design skills and hoping no one will ask for data or question the analysis.Slide5
  6. Using meaningless chart constructs like reusing a bubble chart when there are only two variables. Slide6
  7. Hammering a trivial and irrelevant aspect of the slide because the audience didn’t right away appreciate the finer details.
    Slide7Have you committed any of these?